Popular Camp Games – These Camping Games Will Give You Hours Of Fun


Going camping is a great way to relax for a few days away from your hurried life. But there’s much more to camping than just sitting around all weekend. One of the most relaxing and enjoyable things you can do outdoors is play some fun camping games with your friends and family. The popular camp games below will give you ideas for hours and hours of fun.

3 Popular Camping Games

Each of these camping games are picked out to be fun for multiple people and range from highly active to no activity. Pick a few that match everyone’s mood and you’ll be good to go.

1 Match, 1 Fire

1 Match, 1 Fire

In this camping game, the players will attempt to start a fire using only 1 match. Try to make this mimic a survival situation as close as possible. Note that fire can be dangerous, so if younger kids are playing make sure they know and respect fire.

Send each player out into the woods to find wood, twigs, tinder, and anything they think will help them start the fire. Once everyone has their firestarter, give each player a match and let them set up their tinder anyway they choose to help them win.

If no one can do it, give out another round of matches until someone gets their fire lit. If there’s not enough dry tinder in the area, give each player a piece of newspaper and a set number of small sticks or kindling. The first player to get a fire lit that stays going wins.

Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag

This camp game is a highly active one that will wear you and the whole crew out. You’ll need a good amount of people for this game, at least 6 I would say. You’ll also need a large area to play this in, the more people you  have the bigger it should be.

Start by Dividing into 2 teams and some how differentiating yourself with armbands, flags (think flag football), etc. Setup 2 “jails” on opposite sides of the playing area. The point of the game is to capture the other team’s flag, of course.

Teams will be able to defend their flag anyway they want. If a defender takes an armband or a flag of the opposing team member, that player goes to jail. They sit in jail until a member of their team comes and rescues them. Then they are given a free escort to the middle of the area to continue playing.

Game play continues until a flag is captured or you run out of time. To make it more interesting you can go best 2 out of 3, or include more teams, each with their own flag and jail area.


Psychiatrist camping game

This is an indoor camping game that can be great to play when it’s raining outside or if you’ve just had enough sun (it can happen!). This game is best played with 4 or more people.

Have one person (the psychiatrist) leave the room. The remaining “patients” then decide on a rule to follow when the psychiatrist comes back. Things like:

  • answer all questions with a five word phrase
  • Begin all answers with a certain phrase (“I think…”)
  • Answer questions with your legs crossed
  • Use your imagination!

Try to think of rules that won’t be impossible to guess, but aren’t too obvious either.

When the psychiatrist comes back in, he/she starts asking questions to the patients. The psychiatrist has 3 guesses to figure out what the rule is. If he/she gets it, play again with someone else being the psychiatrist.

Be Creative!

These camping games are much more fun as long as everyone is free to be creative and be themselves. Think of other ways to alternate these games a little bit to make them more fun. Remember, the whole point of camp games are to enjoy each other’s company and get to know each other better, so don’t let competition become the most important thing.

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