Stansport Outfitter Series 50k BTU Propane Stove Review – Exhaustive Analysis


If you want a camping stove that will get the job done, the Stansport Outfitter Propane Stove may be what you’re looking for. With 2 burners that put out 25,000 BTUs each (50k BTU total!), this stove dwarfs it’s competition in terms of power and cooking ability (for the price).

It’s constructed with an oversized steel frame to support your heavy pots and has a stainless steel drip tray that makes it easy to clean. Plus it comes equipped with a Piezoelectric igniter so you won’t ever get stuck without a light. If there’s a breeze the windscreens will help you keep cooking – just don’t try it in a heavy wind, as they don’t fully block the air.

Best Uses

The Stansport Outfitter camp stove is a great mid-size cooking solution for car camping. If it’s just you and your family or a couple friends you could get away with just one of these between everybody. If you’ll be cooking for a large group I would recommend having a couple of these camp stoves or a bigger stove set up to make sure everyone gets to eat without food getting cold.

Whether you need to boil or simmer, the Stansport Outfitter propane stove has you covered. It’s been tested and can boil water in under 5 minutes even at an elevation of 9100 feet. It has excellent burner controls that adjust from low to high really well to give you control over how fast or slow you want things to cook. Looking to simmer for cooking oatmeal or rice? No problem.

Would not recommend for backpacking, as it is pretty good size and far too heavy to haul around on your pack.

Bring the Stansport 2 Burner Camp Stove on your next camp trip

Fuel Type

The Stansport Outfitter Propane Stove obviously uses propane to fuel it. Since this stove has a massive output of 25,000 BTU’s per burner it can burn through propane fairly quick, so make sure you’re prepared and have extra propane!

However, thanks to the range and sensitivity of the controls you don’t have to burn through it that fast. Using the stove conservatively, you can get a 1 lb propane tank to last a couple days cooking 2-3 meals per day.

The best option overall would be to pick up a converter hose and hook up the Stansport Stove to a 10 pound or 20 pound propane tank. If you’ll be using the stove a lot, it will be much more convenient than changing out 1 pound bottles – plus it will be cheaper to run.

One nice thing about hooking up to a bulk propane tank is the ability to turn the propane off at the source. If you’re going to use the 1 pound tanks I would recommend disconnecting the tank each time you’re done using the stove. A small leak or accidentally leaving a burner on just a little can waste your fuel if it stays connected.

Number of Burners

The Stansport Outfitter Camp Stove has 2 burners, each with an output of 25,000 BTUs (50,000 BTU output total!). They sit 13.5 inches apart from center to center with a 21.5 inch grill rack over top. The lid and the windscreens on each side fold down so you can use big pots and fry pans on it. It is a big stove and has room for 2 10 inch frying pans no problem.

The controls on the burners work really well, allowing you to turn down nice and low to simmer (without the flames going out – even in a slight breeze) or crank it up to boil water or cook something really fast.

Brand & Reputation

Stansport has been providing equipment for camping, hiking and survival since 1949. They currently have over 1000 products being sold on with most of them being rated between 4 and 5 stars. When you buy through Amazon it’s very easy to return if you get a bad stove or there is something wrong with it. Several customers have gotten a first one that had something broken, but were sent a new one at no charge to make up for it and were happy with it.

Also comes with a 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects.

Features & Specifications

Size: 6” H x 13.2” W x 24” L
Weight: 14 pounds
Color: Black/Silver
Material: Stainless Steel
Heat Output: 50,000 BTUs
Fuel Type: Propane
Burners: 2
Price Range: $50-$100
Warranty: 1 year

Consumer Reviews

As you can see below, this stove has amazing reviews and a lot of happy customers.


The Stansport Outfitter Propane Camp Stove gets lots of praise for it’s high heat output, excellent adjustable controls, and heavy duty frame that can support even full pots & pans. Many reviewers report that it does very well in a slight breeze, even when on a low setting. Most reviewers say that this camp stove has met or exceeded their expectactions and needs.

Pros & Cons


  • Puts out a lot of heat with 25,000 BTUs per burner and can cook very fast.
  • Excellent controls make it easy to adjust heat level up and down.
  • Stainless steel pan makes it easy to clean.
  • Holds up fine to a heavy loaded stock pot and cast iron pans.
  • Piezo igniter works great and fires it right up.
  • Light weight and easy to transport
  • Great for boiling and simmering
  • Packaged well to prevent damage while shipping
  • Easy to setup
  • Big enough to fit two big pots/pans on for group cooking


  • Is made out of sheet metal that can dent if pushed on
  • Becomes very hot if used on high, as you may expect.
  • Past items appear to have been shipped broken here and there, but the problem seems solved now
  • Limited parts support from the company, however does come with a 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • Uses up fuel faster than less powerful stoves

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a carrying bag that will fit this stove? Yes, you can use the Coleman Stove Carry Case. It fits a little tight but it works. Plus there’s a spot for a couple propane canisters as well.

What is a Piezoelectric starter? An ignition source that doesn’t require electricity or other means, such as matches. Each push or twist of the knob will produce one spark to ignite the stove

Can I take the windscreens down to use big pans on this camp stove? Yes, the screens and the lid folds down to use bigger pots and pans.

How long will a 1 pound Propane canister last? It all depends on how much you use the stove and how high you cook on it. It’s estimated that it would last about 45 minutes on full heat, however if you are conservative you can make a small canister last for a week long camp trip just cooking a couple meals per day.

Does this camp stove simmer well? Yes, the controls are excellent and in anything other than a brisk wind will simmer just fine.

Can the stove be connected to a large propane tank? Not out of the box. If you buy a hose adapter like this one – Stansport Camp Stove Bulk 5 Feet Adapter – you’ll be able to hook up the Stansport camp stove to a bulk propane tank.


Overall, the Stansport Outfitter Propane Camp Stove is an excellent stove for the money and will provide everything you need if you’re cooking for a small number of people. Even if you’re in a bigger group and doing most of your cooking over the fire, using this camp stove to supplement with a side or just parts of a meal would work great.

It is a china manufactured product, which means it’s not going to be perfect, but it does keep the price down and make it a great value. It’s high heat output and adjustable controls make it a great all-around stove. Easy to clean, heavy duy, and lightweight. Highly recommended for any type of car camping. It’s small size and usability makes a great addition for any camp trip.


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